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SEO Manchester

SEO Manchester is a phrase lots of SEO agencies and freelancers use to present their services for SEO in Manchester. When it comes to effective SEO in Manchester, one of the most important things to provide is an ANSWER to a question; truly valuable content that people want to read. No sales pitches, just opinion, advice and knowledge. Many SEO agencies and freelancers in Manchester believe that achieving a very high google ranking is the true measure of success for online businesses. While this is true, SEO is much more effective if employed on a website that was built from the ground up with SEO in mind from the very beginning.

‘’By building website’s properly, without shortcuts, we’re almost certain that the lovely programmers at Google will respect the code enough to organically rank you higher’’

SEO starts with a well-built website and good code is essential for high Google ranking. Let’s delve further in to the world of SEO in Manchester and far beyond.

Times are-a-changing

SEO gets a bad rap. This needs to change.

Let’s do a little thought exercise. Imagine you are an up and coming coffee dealer/supplier/connoisseur and you want to market your business online using a Manchester SEO agency. One of the first things you do is set yourself up with a fresh business account on Google and start searching around for things like SEO Manchester or SEO in Manchester. You have a load of results pop up up and assume, like everyone else, that whoever is at the top of the google ranking list is the best. If they are in first place then they MUST be the best SEO Manchester agency around, right?

In reality, the team behind this ranking might not really appreciate the importance of website code, schema mark-up and all the other related aspects of effective SEO. They might not even focus on building an SEO-friendly website from the beginning, instead, focussing on visuals over SEO optimisation. In reality a website can be both SEO friendly and stunning in equal measure.

This means that SEO work you sign up for won’t achieve its maximum impact. You will be paying more and waiting longer to see results. SEO has gotten a bad rap over the years due to a number of agencies and freelancers taking advantage of less-tech savvy customers to do the absolute bare minimum for a monthly fee. SEO is more important than ever for business and this SEO-industry arrogance has to change.

We aim to be the forefront of this change; on top of being true SEO nerds we are a team of talented web designers and coders. This linking of skills means websites which are built from the ground up for out SEO teams to work on always do better than their non-focussed counterparts. Manchester SEO agencies like us at Black Bear Digital, need to continue to prove their worth in a saturated marketed.

Black Bear Digital: The home of Manchester SEO

Why choose us?

We love taking on clients in challenging or new industries. However, we would never try to promote or sell a service to you if we don’t think we can deliver. It’s just not how we operate. We aren’t in a position to simply say yes to all SEO requests. Why? Not all websites were created equal in terms of technical quality.

If the backend design of your website means it simply won’t respond well to SEO then we encourage you to fix these important core issues first before trusting anyone with your hard-earned money to increase your rankings. Luckily, as a topManchester SEO agency, we can identify and resolve these core issues. This is the first step for many of our clients – a thorough analysis and audit of their current digital HQ.

We pride ourselves on delivering high quality work. If you aren’t happy then we aren’t happy; it’s a simple as that. No more big agency promises and price tags, just effective SEO and measurable results.

Our SEO Manchester service offers

How do we keep prices low?

As stated previously, we only carry out SEO on well-built websites, using a best practice approach with a few powerful in-house techniques thrown in for good measure.

After contacting us, we’ll perform a thorough audit of your website. This will tell us one of two things. Either your website is well built from an SEO perspective and we are good to proceed OR your website is not yet ready to benefit from SEO work and we can put a plan in place to remedy this.

We have very hand standard when it comes to SEO performance. If your website fails an audit, we will advise you to transfer hosting to our super-fast servers so our web technicians can address these problems.

We’ve seen an Manchester SEO agency or two (or ten!) quote outrageous prices for their SEO services normally because they have great PR and a snazzy office. All show and no substance. By taking a different approach to SEO, we address the core SEO issues effective SEO performance so that your SEO spend goes much further and results are that much better for it.

Black Bear Digital is ‘’SEO Manchester’’

Why is our SEO approach better?

Research is Everything.  As much as we love a challenge, we aren’t the kind of guys and gals to dive in head first without thinking. Instead, we like to gain a thorough understanding of the industry before trying to alter your position in it. As such we have a strict and substantial discovery and research process which we conduct before work begins that gives us deep insight into our client’s individual markets.  We analyse everything we can from your main and up and coming competitors to important gaps and opportunities in your industry. We then use our experience to take advantage of these opportunities; work that is new, effective and exciting.

Why are our SEO results market-leading?

It’s down to a carefully built website

We care first and foremost about making money for our clients. The bottom line is, you need to see an ROI on your SEO investment, and while this doesn’t happen overnight, SEO is an extremely worthwhile investment. Don’t get us wrong, we appreciate the power of web design as much as the next person, but we know there is much more to online success.

Development first, SEO second

Get the build right and the ranking will follow

A big factor is down to our expert web developers and technicians who design and develop our industry-leading websites. Our websites are built from the ground up to be fast, responsive, stunning and most importantly, ready for SEO. We want to change the way we treat SEO in Manchester for good.

Impressive SEO Results

Look at what Black Bear Digital: Manchester SEO has achieved for our clients.

105+ Rank Google page 1

Built using care and expertise, pages from our websites organically rank high for popular keyword searches

15 Week Impact

With quality coding & content, we often see great results in less than 15 weeks

92% Customer Retention

Our team of experts work tirelessly to keep our clients happy


We value our work but at the same time value our clients budgets. We have local agency pricing with national agency results.

We Care

We care about all of our clients and their businesses. We aim to create long term partnerships with every business we meet and there is nothing we love more than helping them reach their goals.

We're Punctual

We always meet deadlines and understand the urgency of tasks set by clients. We are proactive and ensure the best job is done on time allowing your business to reach its goals faster.

Our Clients
We're fortunate to work with fantastic clients from across the UK, USA and Dubai on design and SEO projects.
Our Approach

Whether you are looking for a brand-new website with deep functionality and impressive visuals or a tailored and powerful digital marketing campaign to boost brand awareness and revenue, we can provide.

Our Mission

Here at Black Bear Digital we don’t like to baffle people with marketing buzzwords and confuse clients into things they don’t need. Our mission is to provide great design and marketing services that sky rockets businesses and let brands ROAR.