UniverSoul Circus Helps to Get Guns Off the Street


The UniverSoul Circus, usually called the Soul Circus, is a dark possessed carnival that began in an Atlanta parking garage in 1994. The objective of the organizer, Cedric Lewis, was to develop and feature the “dark diversion” experience. Albeit the principal show was fundamentally supported utilizing his own assets, it was an enormous achievement and it has developed dramatically from that point forward. Presently, the UniverSoul bazaar highlights human ability from everywhere the globe and flaunts the title, “The World in One Ring.” The following sections will depict a new exertion by the UniverSoul Circus advertisers to “offer back by removing.”


During the current year’s UniverSoul bazaar visit, the advertisers chose to stand firm against weapon savagery among youth. They worked together with local area 12 ga shot  in Nashville, TN to advance a “no problem” firearm trade. This implied that any individual who turned in their weapon could do as such without any inquiries posed. For each weapon that was turned in, 5 carnival tickets were parted with. Four Nashville chapels took an interest and an aggregate of 84 weapons were turned in. One church minister shared one of his encounters along these lines, “I had a grandma to come in the main day of the weapon turn-in with tears in her eyes considering how she could dispose of this firearm since her grandson was residing in the home with her and had his hands on the weapon.” Another grandma is accounted for as coming by the firearm drive just to say “Much obliged” as she had encountered the passing of a youthful granddaughter because of weapon savagery.


While there are a few pundits of the firearm trade, the Nashville police boss expressed that, “Whenever we can eliminate 84 weapons from the roads of Nashville it’s a decent day.” Many individuals would probably concur with this assertion. The UniverSoul carnival is to be lauded for their numerous long stretches of giving perfect, quality family diversion and their endeavors to protect life by getting weapons off the road.

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