Top Babes of the Poker World


  1. Jennifer Harman – While she might be adorable as a button, don’t allow her guiltless hopes to trick you. At the poker table, Jennifer Harman is surprisingly horrible. With two World Series of Poker wristbands and more than $1,000,000 in competition income, Harman is viewed as one of the best poker players on the planet, paying little heed to orientation.


  1. Jennifer Tilly – Born to a Chinese dad and an Irish-Canadian mother, entertainer Jennifer Tilly has been honored with an intriguing delight. She’s likewise been honored with a capacity to succeed at poker. This star of such movies as The Fabulous Baker Boys and Bullets Over Broadway turned into the first non-poker VIP to win a World Series of Poker wristband. Also, to exacerbate the situation for different players, she’s expressed in late meetings that she could begin focusing less on acting and more on the cards.


  1. Cyndy Violette – As delightful as she is gifted, Cyndy Violette has a World Series of Poker wristband in the Seven-Card Stud High-Low Split Event. Furthermore, she has a great 21 cash gets done and has amassed vocation profit of more than $950,000. As of now living in Atlantic City, she has likewise contended in the World Poker Tour.


  1. Erin Ness – When she’s not breaking players at the poker table, Erin Ness can be tracked down functioning as a photograph right hand for Maxim magazine. PG SLOT She has regularly showed up on GSN’s Poker Royale and has turned into an individual from Team PokerStars. An alum of Georgetown University, she was the third most elevated putting lady in the World Series of Poker headliner in 2004.


  1. Jennifer Leigh – Nicknamed “Jennicide,” Jennifer Leigh is a PC nerd, top poker player, and all-around angel. She completed fifth in the Poker Royale: Battle of the Ages series and completed in the cash in the 2006 World Poker Tour: Caribbean Poker Adventure.


  1. Kristy Gazes – Formerly wedded to poker ace Bill Gazes, Kristy has an ability for a wide range of games. She’s so gifted at blended occasions like H.O.R.S.E, truth be told. furthermore, H.O.S.E. that she acquired the epithet “Blended Games.” A poker player starting around 1986, her greatest payout came when she brought home the Full Tilt Poker title and $250,000. She has additionally shown up on Ultimate Poker Challenge and Poker Royale: Battle of the Sexes. She has three in the cash wraps up at the World Series of Poker.


  1. Isabelle Mercier – Nicknamed “No Mercy,” Isabelle Mercier is known for her harsh playing style, as well as her model-like excellence. Other than having an undergrad regulation degree, Isabelle likewise rehearsed business regulation in Paris, France. She later acquired her Master’s certificate while dealing with a poker room in a French club. In 2005, she had an amazing 3 cash wraps up at the World Series of Poker. Her profession profit top $500,000, and she is an individual from Team PokerStars. She regularly plays in competitions across Europe, amazing adversaries with her ability and great looks.


  1. Clonie Gowen – Having brought home the championship of Miss Teen Oklahoma at 15 years old, there was never any uncertainty regarding if Clonie planned to develop into a delightful lady. In any case, this mother of two is likewise an insightful poker veteran, with profession competition rewards surpassing $300,000. She has filled in as a visitor pundit on various poker shows, as well as composing a customary segment for All In magazine. She is likewise an individual from “Group Full Tilt.”


  1. Evelyn Ng – Known as “Evybabee” or “Champagne”, Evelyn Ng is a Canadian poker player of Chinese respectable. With her tall, slim casing and model-like face, she is referred to all through the poker local area as one of the incredible delights of the game. She’s likewise a top player, having accomplished 5 in the cash wraps up at the World Series of Poker, as well as being included on the Xbox computer game Stacked. She is an individual from Team Bodog, and her vocation competition profit surpass $250,000.


  1. Vanessa Rousso – Not just is Vanessa “Pokerness” Rousso lovely, but at the same time she’s extremely wise and accomplished. She is an alum of Duke University with a degree in Economics and is additionally a regulation understudy at the University of Miami. Likewise, she has 4 in the cash wraps up at the World Series of Poker. A double resident of both the United States and France, Vanessa is an individual from Team PokerStars and has profession rewards of more than $360,000.

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